Forestry Equipment for Sale

Your one-stop shop for logging accessories, wire rope, chainsaw chain and more.  

Terrain carries huge stocks of forestry equipment and logging accessories/hardware at competitive pricing. Apart from quality chainsaws we stock all related accessories, including bars, files, grinders and chainsaw chain. 

Quality Spencer Tape, Stencil sprays, inks and paint sticks make marking easy; Talkie Tooters increase safety and productivity; and we offer a vast range of black, plain or swages wire rope in sizes up to 32mm. Our wire rope is manufactured in Malaysia at KisWire, one of the world's leading rope manufacturer. The Terrain Wire Rope Warehouse situated on the same site as our main safety shop holds stocks of wire rope in excess of 100 ton. 

Wire Rope Winding Truck & Press 

Our rope winding and recovery truck can make easy work for you by bringing wire rope to your site and installing directly onto your hauler, keeping downtime to a minimum. Let our wire rope press do the hard work for you, with abilities from 1mm to 32mm. 

Wire Rope & Accessories

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