Height Safety Equipment 

Get your shock absorber, safety harness and other height safety equipment all at one shop. 

 When working at height, safety equipment is a must. Whether it's for rigging, construction, elevated work platforms, ladder access or general work at height, we have the right accessories. Buy shock absorbers, lanyards, safety helmets (including chin strap); look through our ranges of fall arrest systems for every application; and browse our safety harness sale to find descenders, lifelines and pulleys. 

Our height safety equipment brands include PROTOS, Peltor, Camp and Zero. 

Height Safety Equipment Testing 

Terrain can test and certify all types of height safety equipment, using a purpose-built 20-ton, 9-metre test bed. Have your sling, safety harness, lanyard and other equipment tested and tagged right here in Taupo or on-site if required.