401568 Leightning L1H Sliplok Earmuff Class 5

When the job site is outdoors or in low lighting, workers are exposed to increased safety hazards in addition to noise.  Leightning Hi-Visibility Earmuffs provide workers with a total solution for both hearing protection and visibility at night – and during the day.  Eye-catching bright green earcups provide a highly noticeable contrast against dark settings, especially in low lighting situations and inclement weather.  Plus, Leightning Hi-Visibility are the only earmuffs that incorporate an exclusive reflective headband that illuminates when exposed to light, providing increased visibility and safety on the job.

  • Hi Visibility earcups
  • Earcups snap in place during use and swing back when not needed
  • Earcups work with a wide range of popular hard hats
  • 3 Pairs of adaptors included to fit most common brands of hard hats
  • Comfortable over-the-head design ideal for many applications
  • Robust standoff mechanism that withstands demanding use and tough environments
  • Patented Air Flow Control for optimal attenuation across all frequencies, without increased size or weight
  • Telescopic height adjustment remains fixed during use
  • Class 5