Abormax Trouser

Arborist trousers that are functional and stylish. Incorporating full frontal protection with the addition of 360° chainsaw protection from the knee down. Perfect for those chainsaw users wanting extra protection.

Lightweight; using Arrestex HP chainsaw protective fabric these weigh only 1340g (Medium)
Durable Comfort; high abrasion resistant, stretch upper garment fabric gives ease of movement as well as long-lasting wear
Waterproof, tough fabric to above the knee; good for wet trees or walking through long grass
Slim Fit; offers superior comfort and reduced bulk
Double-wall Seat Area; 2 layers of fabric gives extra wear resistance
High-back and Elasticised Waist; makes waist fit snugly to your body and flexes with movement
Strategically placed Pockets; gives easy access when in a harness
Zipped Pockets; stops sawdust ingress. Zipper pulls make it easier to open pockets even when wearing gloves
Zipped Rear Pocket

Available in X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large & 2X-Large

Size Fits Waist Inleg Length
XS 75 – 80cm 83cm
S 81 – 86cm 84.5cm
M 87 – 92cm 86cm
L 93 – 98cm 87cm
XL 99 – 104cm 88cm
2XL 105-110cm 88cm