Camp Skylor Helmet

EN 397, LD (lateral deformation), 440V a.c. (electrical insulation) , -20 degrees celsius very low temperature), MM (molten metal splash)

An innovative industrial ABS Helmet designed to offer maximum versatility and comfort. Very popular, simple, robust and fits a wide range of cap attach earmuffs, visor and forestry sets.

The design allows for the seamless integration of ear protectors and protective visor.
Padding is detachable so it can be washed.
The fast wheel adjustment provides a perfect fit in seconds.
Chinstrap with emergency opening system
Headlamp holders
Also rated for: lateral deformation (LD), electrical insulation (440 V a.c.), very low temperature (-20º C), molten metal splash (MM).
Weight: 475g
Dimensions: 55cm – 62cm
Available colours: Orange, Red, White, Yellow
Forestry set available
Clear visor set available

See also available: Skylor Plus Helmet with Ear Protectors and Protective Visor.