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Terrain offers more than just a leading safety shop.

Safety Guidelines & Safety Resources


Full body harness, fall arrest lanyard or inertia device & an anchor point.

Six months for harnesses & lanyards. twelve months for inertia reels, static line systems and anchor points in accordance with AS/NZS 1891.4. As part of our commitment to offering you a total package solution, we also provide an inspection and certifying service either on-site or in our workshop to ensure your equipment is compliant.

Any piece of equipment including both personal and permanently installed items, which has been used to arrest a fall or which shows any defect during operator or periodic inspection shall be withdrawn from service immediately and a replacement obtained if necessary.

It is recommended that fall protection equipment be worn above any height where a fall can result in injury. State regulatory requirements differ from 1.8m to 2.4m and should be consulted. Site or company requirements may also apply.

10 years from date of manufacture, providing it stays in serviceable condition.

A Full Body Harness is the minimum for fall arrest. A full body harness must have shoulder straps, leg loops, a chest or waist strap, a front & rear dorsal “D” ring & must be one complete configuration.

15kN (1500kg), for one person, for two persons an anchor point must be rated to a minimum of 21kN (2100kg). A maximum of two persons should be attached to a single point at any time.

No they utilize an inertia brake system that minimizes free fall, by locking off immediately.

A full body harness and shock absorbing lanyard connected to an approved anchor point must be used in an elevated work platform where there is a risk of bucket inversion causing free fall. i.e. cherry picker.

Rope End Options

Wire & Swaged Wire Rope

At Terrain, we can assist you with any wire rope requirement. We stock swaged, black, standard, non-rotating, stainless steel & galvanised wire rope, in sizes ranging from 1mm to 32mm.

Most of our rope is imported from KisWire in Malaysia and its quality has proven to be equal or better than any other wire rope available in NZ at present. It has been manufactured and tested to the appropriate standards.

We offer a full service of cutting to length, hand splicing and the fitting of various ferrules, sockets and attachments. Bulk hauler supplies and forestry requirements are in stock now.

Our rope winding and recovery truck service can deliver anywhere in NZ and rig your hauler ropes correctly and with the minimum of delay, reducing down time and man power.

This service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.