Safety signs, chainsaw chaps, logger clothing and equipment

We pride ourselves on covering every safety aspect of PPE and required gear for logging and forestry operations.

We stock logger clothing, including a full range of forestry boots meeting all safety regulations, chainsaw chaps and hi vis clothing. You’ll also find Ropemaster blocks and pulleys, hooks and rigging screws.

Other logging equipment for sale includes (but is not limited to) callipers, cant hooks, butt rigging, skidding tongs, chainsaw bars and chain as well as Signet stencil ink and paint and forestry communication system Talkie Tooter.

What’s more, Terrain is NZ’s distribution agency for White Ox Gloves and Spencer Tapes and refills. We also have a huge range of forestry and safety signs for sale.

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3 Way Butt Swivel


$222.00 inc. GST

450mm Road Cone – Non Reflective

$17.00 inc. GST

700mm Road Cone – Non Reflective

$28.00 inc. GST

Air Stream Logging Boot

$749.00 inc. GST

Andrew Antelao Chainsaw Boot

$719.00 inc. GST

BACtrack S80 Breathalyser

$239.00 inc. GST

BACtrack S80 Mouthpieces

$57.90 inc. GST

Bar Spanners

$6.80$44.00 inc. GST

Belray Molylube Tube 10/ctn

$205.00 inc. GST

Block – Ropemaster 108R

Block – Ropemaster 112R

Block – Ropemaster 513A

Block – Ropemaster 515A

Bottle Type Rigging Galv Screws

Buckingham Tree Spurs

$799.90 inc. GST