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if you want to buy safety boots in NZ you’ve come to the right place. At Terrain, your leading PPE store, we stock over 100 styles of work boots.
Our range includes men’s and women’s safety boots & shoes, steel-cap, 100% waterproof, lace-up and slip-on protective footwear.

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Spraywell Paint / Ink

$89.50 inc. GST

1024 Blue Ox Glove

$11.39 inc. GST

John Bull Bianco

$144.90 inc. GST

Multi Hazard Logging Sign

$242.00$339.00 inc. GST

FV1A Peltor Steel Mesh Visor

$30.94 inc. GST

Full Brim Hard Hat

$37.89 inc. GST

Timberline Eyelet Hi-Vis Singlet

$32.14 inc. GST

Hi Vis S/S Arm Tape Polo

$26.95 inc. GST

Helmet /Muff/Visor Oregon

$135.00 inc. GST


$66.00 inc. GST

TW Tree Felling Sign

$109.00 inc. GST

Superfleece Sock 3pack

$42.36 inc. GST

Lastrite Yardmate

John Bull Jaguar 2.0

$199.00 inc. GST

3M Peltor Helmet Lumber Jack Combo

$114.00 inc. GST

126315 3/4 Finger Yachting Glove

$27.30 inc. GST