GB Chainsaw Bars

CN40 Titanium Bars
These premium bars are designed to out perform any other product on the market. GB is very proud of our complete range of bars, but this is the best of the best. All our years of experience and advanced technology have been included in the manufacturing process to ensure this bar is the strongest in the world. GB consistently endeavours to be in the forefront of the market by using the latest and best quality materials available. GB’s quality control team inspect every bar to guarantee that you will receive a bar that meets or exceeds GB’s very high expectations.

The ProTop Titanium CN40 professional replacement nose bar for chainsaws over 20 inches.

Features & Benefits

•One-piece Titanium alloy steel body.
•Laser-cut for precision shape and fit-up.
•Precision-ground grooves.
•Rails are injected with carbon nitride.
•Super-tough, high-tech alloy sprocket glides on precision Swiss bearings.
•Nose cartridge side plates made of Titanium alloy steel, hardened to CN40 specifications.
•Nose self-locks over a solid steel web on the bar body. Held firmly together by three high- tensile rivets.