Terrain Industries | Health & Safety Pocket Handbook

Pocket Handbook

Our Take 5 booklet is designed to assist with your document safety tasks, assess risk and complete near-hit reports.

It is small enough to fit in your pocket and as part of your tool-kit is an essential part of the health and safety for the workplace.

The Take 5 booklet begins with the Take 5 rules, asking the user to;

Identify the hazard
Think about what could go wrong
Control the hazard
Proceed with the task

Pre-Task Checklist – The fold out form requires the user to answer 15 yes/no questions to determine whether a permit is required before they commence with the task. Following the flow chart, positioned above the checklist, if all answers fall into a green box the user is good to begin the task, if one or more answers are in a red box they must complete a JSA on the back of checklist or Complete a work permit. If the residual risk rating is low they may continue with the task. If the residual risk is moderate or greater they must contact their supervisor for review and authorisation to proceed

The Take 5 booklet contains a hazard/ risk matrix to assist the worker(s) with determining the initial risk associated with an identified hazard. Once they have implemented their control measures they can then highlight the residual risk rating.

The booklet also contains a minor hazard/ incident report form in duplicate.