Oregon Harvester Chain 404 or 3/4

Chain available in either 100ft reels or made into individual loops at no extra charge.

Oregon 3/4″ Pitch – 11H

  • Semi-chisel cutters make 11H an aggressive, high-performance chain designed for mechanical harvesting
  • Wider cutter gullet for maximum cutting effeciency and chip-clearing capability
  • Offset cutter footprint — Minimizes “knife edging: of the bar rails and offers increased support and stability
  • Patented Steel — Patented Oregon material, improved rivet material, and state-of the art manufacturing processes all minimises stretch and wear
  • File Size: 5/16″

Oregon .404″ Pitch – 18HX

  • Micro Chisel Cutter for excellent performance, and cutting speed
  • Advanced Chrome-Plating — Maximum cutter stay-sharp: holds edge in brutal conditions such as high-speed or cold weather
  • Oregon patented OCS-01 steel is designed to have long-lasting durability in the toughest conditions.
  • Thicker drive link — Wider and tougher links for increased strength, reliabilty,  as well as a longer life.
  • LubriLink — Helps to keep oil on the chain and direct oil to the critical areas.
  • 18HX presets with the “gold” tie straps MUST be used with 18HX harvester chain.
  • File Size: 7/32″