The OSCO 518 haulback blocks are designed for high speed and heavy duty haulback work. These blocks incorporate high grade material throughout their construction giving you the strength and durability required for most operations in the forest, mining and construction industries.

Properly maintained these blocks will give you years of service and an excellent return on your investment.

Recommended for 7/8″” to 1 & 1/8” wire rope.

Block Sides
The half shell Cast Steel block sides, heavily ribbed on the inside to give the block rigidity and durability while keeping its weight to a minimum, are carefully annealed for strength and toughness.

The “ alloy steel sheaves are heat treated for extra hardness to give outstanding durability. They revolve in recessed block sides making it impossible for rope to foul.

Axle Pins
Designed for oversized bearing assemblies, the  machined alloy steel axle pins are drilled and fitted with recessed grease fittings for easy lubrication. The axle pin nuts are recessed into the block sides, making a smooth surface to prevent snagging.

Colour: Black sides with a red sheave

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