Personal Protection Equipment

Chainsaw Chaps, Helmets, Boots, Styx Toolbelts. NZ made leather, polyester belts

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$222.00 inc. GST

Air Stream Logging Boot

$688.00$749.00 inc. GST

Andrew Antelao Chainsaw Boot

$699.90 inc. GST

Clogger Aborist Chaps Clipped

$225.00 inc. GST

Clogger Chainsaw Chaps – Defender Pro

$219.90 inc. GST

Communication Ear Muff Unit

$139.00 inc. GST

Eyewash & Skin Rinse 474ml

$34.00 inc. GST

H7P3E 3M Peltor Earmuff

$44.00 inc. GST

Helmet 610 Safety

$22.89 inc. GST

Helmet HC600V Safety

$22.89 inc. GST

Helmet R5 Kevlar Forestry

$155.25 inc. GST

HI VIS Chest Radio Holder – Double

$114.00 inc. GST

HI VIS Chest Radio Holder – Single

$102.00 inc. GST

Lastrite Logger Boot

$395.00 inc. GST

Lastrite Ripper Spiked

$499.00 inc. GST

Peltor 3M Worktunes Pro AM/FM

$150.00 inc. GST