Ear Protection

Top Brands of Compliant Earmuffs, Peltor, 3M, Worktunes

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M2 Multi-Position Earmuff Class 5

$65.98 inc. GST

H10P3M Peltor Sliplok Earmuff

$51.64 inc. GST

H10A Peltor Headband Earmuff

$51.64 inc. GST

108545 Howard Leight Hygiene Kit

$21.79 inc. GST

H7P3E 3M Peltor Earmuff

$44.00 inc. GST

Peltor 3M Worktunes Pro AM/FM

$150.00 inc. GST

Workforce Hi Viz Folding Earmuff Class 5

$27.90 inc. GST

S20B 6405 Rocket Earplugs (Corded)

$7.19 inc. GST

Protos Hearing Protection Support Pad

$24.90 inc. GST

Protos Integral Earmuff

$44.50 inc. GST

Python Pro Earmuff Class 5

$34.39 inc. GST

M1 Moldex Folding Earmuff Class 5

$83.89 inc. GST

HY79 Peltor Hyg. Kit Worktune

$34.39 inc. GST

HY54 Peltor Hygiene Kit H10

$22.94 inc. GST

H7HY Peltor Hygiene Kit HY52

$22.94 inc. GST

HBEPA Proband Headband Earplugs

$14.84 inc. GST