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Meindl Boots

The Meindl family have been making footwear and leather clothing in Kirchanschoring in the Chiemgau region of Bavaria in Germany for well over 300 years.

The art of boot-making has evolved tremendously over these many years, but the traditions and values of the craft are still rigorously upheld by the current generation of boot-makers. It is this inherently German ability of blending quality and advanced technology in design that keeps the Meindl brand as the worlds leading boot-makers and at the very pinnacle of quality, design and function.

The numerous awards that have been accorded by many independent institutions, expositions, magazines and outdoor organisations are the proof of this.

Meindl are famous for the development of their patented fully orthotic shank that holds the foot in its correct shape. This shape allows the foot to respond to terrain type in the most effective way, improving balance and enhancing negotiating ability.


  • Gore-Tex®.
  • Air-Active® Soft Print Drysole.

  • Air-Active® Vakuum®.

  • Multigrip® by Vibram®.

  • Vibram® MontagnaSole.

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